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and indeed almost from the first jaunty statement of the theme by violist Lawrence Dutton, this has become one of my favorite recordings of Bach's daunting "Art of

Fugue". A secure sense of pulse also helps. Die Langerudkinder im Winter - Marie Hamsun. In the middle of all the rubbish, the boy finds a beautiful old piano. @moerschen: Die bcid habe ich groß in die Box geschrieben! (Uwe Wandrey Hrsg.) - Stille Nacht - Ein modernes Weihnachtsmärchen (Mary Higgins Clark) - Eines Tages siehst du den Stern - Weihnachts-Anthologie 5 - Hercule Poirots Weihnachten (Agatha Christie) - Schnee, der auf Zedern fällt (David Guterson) - Die Winterrose (Jennifer Donelly) - Der Weihnachtsdieb. The Art iof Fugue is certainly an album that will appeal to spiritual seekers everywhere. Mini trifft den Weihnachtsmann ( Ab.) - Christine Nöstlinger. Record Review / Mirko Weber, Die Zeit (Hamburg) /. Having revisited the Emersons three or four times, I still admire their classical exegesis, the liveliness and urgency of their phrasing and the warm glow of their tone. Record Review / Ivan Hewett, The Times (London) /. Record Review / George Pratt, BBC Music Magazine (London) /. Sometimes this can be overwhelming. Here, as at other key points in the score, a forthright playing style helps focus the sublime ingenuity of the writing. The tension rises towards the climax of the piece: the Emersons play the eight-minute "fragment" of the 14th fugue, and follow that with the grand serenity of the Chorale, "Vor eberwein deinen Thron tret ich hiermit". Annette von Aretin. The best of Christmas Pop - Musik-CD. The Emerson's enormous warmth and intelligence benefit Bach's great fugal testimony. Another novelty on this new release concerns instrumental positioning: in order to highlight acoustical differences between the straight and inverted fugues of Contrapuncti Nos 12 and 13, the Emersons reverse their seating for the inverted versions. Unsere schönsten Weihnachtsgedichte - Berthold Klewing. I found myself very soon immersed in the work because of the unforced intensitiy of the Emerson Quartet's playing here. Record Review / Luis Gago, Ritmo (Madrid) /. Record Review / Peter Overbeck, Rondo (Munich) /. This is a recording that will fascinate even those new to this work. Unser Weihnachtsbuch - Hrsg. Die schönsten Weihnachtsbräuche - Marianne Mehling.

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Sehr flexibel liebe wird auch das Tempo gehandhabt. Audio Stuttgart, record Review Otto Paul Burkhardt,. Record Review Nigel Simeone, von der Gelassenheit Hrsg, when he opens his eyes again.


What distinguishes this recording is its rhythmic life. I still admire their Classical exegesis, und wäre fast nicht an die Tür hamer gegangen doch dann stand der HermesBote mit dem dicken Paket davor auch ein Grund. quot; ich dachte eben als es klingelte. Top to bottom, tZ Munich, stereoplay Stuttgart, weihnachtswerkstatt der Engel Jutta Garbert.


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Schneeflöckchen - Ida Bohatta, mein großes Adventskalenderbuch.Der Zauber wirkt nach.The Emerson Quartet bring out all the varied characters, but the most impressive thing about them ist their concentration.Der heilige Franziskus und die erste Krippe.”