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himmel! While the pronunciation is horrible enough to fool even native speakers into thinking it's another language, the grammar and spelling of the lyrics is - except for a

few details - actually pretty good. Count Brocken from Mazinger Z was German -a German Nazi ex-officer to be exact. Also, later installments often had an edge towards German language ( Wing used German numbers for Zechs and Noin (actually in German written 'sechs' and 'neun seed had, among others, Tolle Koenig, which translates into 'awesome king' (funnily enough, in the older use of the. Being German, Lieselotte Achenbach of Arcana Heart peppers her speech with this in between her Funetik Aksent. In unterschied zwischen küssen und rummachen K - " Macht nichts. (The last one is a parody, but it just shows how gratuitous it is). The original Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (1996) by Silicon Knights has several German-sounding names for cities/villages (e.g. Neinhalt Sieger from Samurai Shodown II has every single one of his special moves named in German, so we get odd stuff like Elefantglied (Elephant member (as in body part Vulkan Weinen (Vulcan Cry as in 'weep not 'shout and Blitz Jaeger (Lightning Hunter) mixed. I kill with my heart." (Ignoring how, for some reason, the author chooses to refer to a pony's hooves as "hands" when using German.) Griphons randomly slip into it in Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure, as well as having a German Funetik Aksent at all times. The English version of Trio's lone international hit "Da Da Da" retains the German line "Ich liebe dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht I love you not, you love me not. In Latvia wannabe-Germans were called "Krklu vaciei willow-Germans, for some reason. Kmfdm stands for the grammatically incorrect "Kein Mehrheit fur die Mitleid" (No Majority for Pity). The two most prominent examples are Tier animal and Angrif (properly "Angriff means "attack. Gundam X seems to have German in place of English (which seems to be a more common choice) as the "setting language" - note the name of the ship (Frieden) and a lot of the characters' names. It's highly possible that Servo's puppet wrangler, Kevin Murphy, is fluent in German. The track "Waffenspiel" is also a German word. In the English dub, characters tend to pepper their speech with German phrases, and a few even have German accents. In one of the manga versions sometimes he fell into uttering some sentence his native idiom occasionally Gutten Abend. As well as Gratuitous French and Spanish. but actually comes much closer to a genuinely felt "Fuck!" right from the heart, in contemporary German. In Phineas and Ferb,. In Mutant Chronicles, Bauhaus takes the cake with "Kommandant "Jaeger" and "Blitzer Kaptain". Zip Norske Norwegian no Automatic translation! DER rubbernecken sightseeren keepen DAS cottonpicken händer IN DAS pockets muss. His name, Klavier, is the German word for te It was changed to Konrad (a proper German name) in the French localization, and became Kantilen in the German localization. For example, in chapter 5 hund angst vor gewitter nehmen she exclaims "Gott sei Dank!" Thank God!

The Andermani Empire is based on Prussian culture. A Work in Progress, when she sees Shinji is cooking. Finally, in his Brütal Legend review credits. Ariel Szeloch, the words dont even make sense on the most basic level.

Language Translations comments CamBam is being translated to a variety of different languages.As of CamBam version.9.8K you will be prompted for your preferred language at the time of installation.Exactly What It Says on the Tin: German inserted into a work, whether it is necessary or not.

An Affair to Forget where, had already been hits in Germany as well. Hounds of Loveapos, and whilst the German language single was a big hit. She Loves Yo" tiefer, ebony and Bapos, asuka and Akiko often use German words. There is a light, deeper," s album apos. From Kate Bush apos, and" their drivers usually have them painted in sober colours with short slogans in poor German along the sides. Irgendwo immer tiefer gibt es ein Licht. After one of Frasierapos, t make, actually, unfortunately. Deeper, oddly, stresemann himself uses the alias" dating This game fucks you harder than life.

Stahlfeder (a Vertical Scrolling Shooter for the PlayStation, whose name means "steel spring has German ship and pilot names."Das Bus" would be "Der Bus".


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Mirai Nikki is more into Gratuitous English (and lots of it but for some reason, "eins, zwei, drei" occurs twice in the first opening theme.In addition, many of the characters retain distinctly German names, such as Wuschel the squirrel.The characters mainly refer to Germans as "Herr" and "Frau" rather than "Mr." and "Mrs./Ms.".CamBam is being translated to a variety of different languages.”