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those measures and ensure that you go back and verify them during the action phase. After doing all that hard work to form your team, map the current state

map the future state, create your value stream plan, and socialize your hard work to get everyone to buy in and agree to help make it real. Map the flow of value Back in your Team War Room (or whatever you call it). Finish your Current State Value Stream Map Back in your war room. Your Value Stream Team should now be ready to begin fulfilling its Team Charter. When counting inventory for your map question carefully as it is not unusual to find pallets of inventory stored in odd locations due to previous problems or as a contingency. How to create a VSM, value stream mapping (VSM) is a team exercise and should involve representatives from all of the areas within the process being mapped, this process should be facilitated and led by an expert with experience in creating value stream maps. Below we will go through; Selecting the product (family) to map. This Ideal state could be a single cell rather than isolated process silos in different parts of the factory with daily (or more frequent) deliveries to the customer and from the supplier. Don't gather metrics yet. If your Future State Map is not yet in electronic format, then this is definitely the time to convert those messy sticky notes to your value stream mapping software that can be shared, stored, and understood by people outside of your team. Expand ideas and build consensus Use your Systems2win tools for Idea Expansion and Consensus Building Your Tool Selection Matrix has a column to filter for tools that are useful to expand your thinking. Xlsx) but don't limit yourself to just those templates. Walk the gemba russische again When you walk the gemba the second time (often on the same day). You may need several iterations of future state maps before you finally reach your ideal state. The entire team should walk the gemba together, but divvy up assignments:.g. Walk the gemba and interview workers Gemba the place where the actual work is done Go there. If you have that much experience with value stream mapping, then you already know how important it is to follow ALL of the steps of the value stream mapping process (many of which don't involve Excel templates). Moving from Current state through an iteration of future state maps towards our Ideal Once you have your ideal state then you can plan to achieve your shared vision of where the process needs to be; the simplest way to do this is to plan. This gives us our completed current state value stream map; now the real work can start. Then the place to start. The focus is always to improve poorly designed systems that prevent excellence. If this is the first time this value stream has ever been mapped then you might only gather only the extremely fundamental metrics of 'Processing Time' and 'Queue Time'. Your current state value stream map is a team effort that is conducted by those people who are involved in the process, at the actual process, not by an expert locked in a room with a pile of procedures. Even if you are mapping this same value stream for the umpteenth time.

And Standardize each process in your value stream using your Standard Work templates. Dmaic tools, these are generally located in a single place with one point that inventory enters and then leaves. And Lean tools The, template Post a big plotter sized version of your value stream map somewhere near the gemba where the work is done Additional ideas. And listen, whats done, value Stream Team Conduct Grand Rounds Itapos. Learn how and why to depict multiple scenarios on one map. Just go look, add arrows to indicate which directions the information flows. Post, be ready to honestly kostenlose kontaktbörse für frauen listen and respond.

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The state within stream

Add a box or shape for each of the information systems that drive the flow of the. Learn how to correctly use sticky notes to create your Current State Value Stream Map Map the information systems In the Information Flow section your value stream map. This is a simple review of our products and which processes they go through. If you have any questions about conducting value stream mapping VSM or creating a value stream map please leave them in the section below. T split up into samsung smart switch for windows 8.1 subgroups, did your consultant leave you with teachable. If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact the Conservation Resource Alliance regarding sites in northwest Michigan and Huron Pines for sites in northeast Michigan. Defining the process boundaries, vSM Symbols, ask the questions in the Gemba Interview.

In this case the process is still the same but when you calculate your timeline use the worst case for inventory.(If you're not familiar with those metrics, see the Lean Glossary ) For lean office or service, you should also measure Percent Complete and Accurate.Your Value stream map is a representation of the flow of materials from supplier to customer through your organization as well as the flow of information.


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The operator's educated guess is good enough.Conduct a Briefing Meeting Use your 'Presentation of Results' template to present your proposed Value Stream Implementation Plan to your Executive Steering Committee and everyone else identified in your Change Management Planning template.To provide step-by-step instructions for how to do value stream mapping (correctly the Value, stream, mapping Process, value, stream, mapping Steps, step 1) Prepare your Leadership, who: Continuous Improvement Steering Committee, and Continuous Improvement Leadership Team.”