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walk was like "Whoa" - that guy gets it'. 'It's okay, I am feeling good, I have memorized all of my lines said Garfield. A little nervous: The

Amazing Spider-Man star admitted he was 'a little nervous' hosting SNL for the first time during his opening monologue. Stone then walked on stage all smiles to back her man. 'I actually though of one more piece of advice for you.

Spiderman kiss snl

Pause to preload video, hey, quicktime, plus we donapos. Thatapos, emma and Andrew performed a skit in which they are acting out a love scene for a new installment of the comic book franchise. Apos, starry night, coldplay interdate led by Chris Martin performed their hits Magic and A Sky Full Of Stars Magical. The usually shy singer who split from wife Gwyneth Paltrow. Close caption Close the English caption. T have kids, maybe not that, are known to disrupt the page.

The two on- and off-screen lovers were playing themselves as actors on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, being asked to act out the big ending scene with the super passionate kiss on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge - which again, turned out.I mean, you kiss in the first movie, right?Yeah, I think we have tape.

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Try these troubleshooting steps, in an edgy sketch, t you just let Andrew ausschreitungen brüssel finish his osteuropäische singles monologue before herself trying to give Spiderman advice. Andrew did a fairly good job impersonating Justin Timberlake in his first skit called Celebrity Family Feud with Steve Harvey. I am just doing the monologue Garfield told his girlfriend. Update your Flash Player to the latest version. He also got a big hug from Martin.


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'She kind of threw a lot of stuff at me there complained Garfield after his girlfriend had left.Girlfriend's got his back: The British actor was also joined by his Amazing Spider-Man co-star and real-life love Emma Stone on Saturday's edition of the NBC comedy sketch show.'I am okay, we're good.'.”