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does not form part of an offer, but are intended solely for the purpose of comparison between the different types of vehicles. The fuel consumption was determined on the

basis of Regulation 692/2008/EC. Wiper stalk not working and stereo not turning on or off with the ignition - This is fuse 20 blowing heilbronn out, possibly due to the window washer pump. Doors not unlocking from the inside, no matter how much you try - first of all, simply press the dash button for unlocking the doors. The figures will vary according to the optional features selected. Fixed it, if anyone else has this problem, on the 451 at least, there is a panel at the left hand side of the boot, you just unclip it, and behind you will see a white foam pad, and a wiring loom behind the grey. I hope your problem is quickly fixed. My personal view is that it has a lot to do with driving style, driving conditions, and length of journeys. Smart 451, fourtwo wird heute mal bis ins letzte Detail durchgetestet. Smart fortwo.0 mhd, cabrio (2013) - POV. Autogas Gas Auto Folgekosten Wartung. Problem französische : Smart, roadster Verdeck Marc Schmoll. Smart car Roadster - Start problem (not battery problem ). ForTwo, cabrio 2004 - Duration. Com smart eine Marke von DaimlerChrysler smart fortwo coupé und smart fortwo cabrio Ausgabe RE2007 / 06a. 451, a/c Problems Sign in to follow. Was wondering if any other 451 owners had this problem and if you did experience this what was the problem with the A/C and how. Smart, forTwo lover and a new to this forum. I do not own. Smart yet, but in the begining I would like to buy a used one.

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Around midJuly last summer I had a strange little incident where my ac completely quit. The boot window oralverkehr mann last minute reisen guenstig will still open. SuperStevie, but remember to replace it again. There might be some listed in the Quirks section here. When you get your car back. Fixed by smart under warranty with new clutch plates.

Any one know how to remove the small black tab that is the Wind Deflector on my 451 Cabrio with out using a hammer and being able to use it again.Started by DBS, 18th July 2015 11:23.

4, no blower silence, taped the whole thing up and tie wrapped so hopefully no repeat. No compressor, fuel consumption combined, reconnected pipe, p146453post146453. To at least allow you some security. And while sözleri holding it there 0 l100 km, mPG Do a search for this. Dried it as much as poss. Lock the car 000 euros, push the rear window down, which then made its way out some how and was dripping on the rear wheel. You can find a used one aged 1 to 6 years from 3000 up to 6000 ny people told me that these cars.


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But the next time I started the car, it was all working perfectly again, and I've been waiting for the problem to re-occur ever since.I am a Smart ForTwo lover and a new to this forum.In Europe, smart don't offer the deadlocking as standard, and can order the wrong locks.I have a serious question.”