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This debate is about the future of the people of the UK and the future of the United Kingdom." BBC/Jeff Overs 6/50 16 September 2018 Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced his support for a second Brexit referendum.Earlier this year Shin Takagi founder of Trottla, a company which produces anatomically-correct imitations of girls, with ages as young as five for the purposes of sex, sparked outrage after he revealed he created girl sex dolls for paedophiles.


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Border Force officers have seized at least 123 dolls, often manufactured in China and Hong Kong, since March 2016.Click to play, play 0:00 / 2:44, fullscreen, mute, share.The silicone dolls, which weigh around 55lb (25kg) and can cost thousands of pounds, have been sold by traders on sites including Amazon and eBay.”