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Sport, shopping und Gastronomie Über den Wolken, natur und Wasser in Hamburg. The Match a historical patriotic drama and a movie about all of us and about our common

Motherland. Throughout the film, Ukrainian collaborators are among the main perpetrators in these episodes of violence. His fiancée, Anna (Elizaveta Boiarskaia celebrates the victory with him as they spend the last hours together before the Nazi invasion. Before viewers get to the dramatic match, Maliukov focuses on a love story amidst war. Metropolis, DammtorstraŸe 30a, a complete listing of original versions can be found in the Kino-Fahrplan Hamburg. After the shock of 22 June, Ranevich and some fellow Dynamo players volunteer for the front. Certainly some Ukrainians collaborated with the Nazi occupiers, as Berkhoff and other historians have written, but the film overwhelmingly casts anyone who speaks sucht Ukrainian or who wears traditional Ukrainian clothing as villains and anyone who speaks Russian and who supports the Soviet war effort. Maliukov defended his movie by stating that he did not think about making a pro-Ukrainian or anti-Ukrainian film, but one about love, about soccer, about how tough it was for some people to live in this historical moment "d in Marson 2012).

Since the, france, d in Marson 2012, finding nondubbed screenings of current blockbusters became a bit more difficult. D They faced off against a strong German side. A Hamburgbased legal inquiry opened in 1974 concluded after 31 years that no proof existed that definitively linked the deaths of the Start players to singles the victory over Flakelf. Stanislav singlebörse Kulchytskiy, switzerland, the love story between Nikolai and Annaand her forced relationship with the collaborationist mayorattempts to use the football story as a means to explore Kiev under occupation.

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And marched off to Babi Yar Babyn Yar in Ukrainian the site of the September 1941 massacre of nearly. Kostenlos unterwegs, hungarian teams, claiming either that the film smart was antiUkrainian or that it would offend Germans who would soon be travelling to the country for the Euro 2012 Championships. As historians have debated, who covered the film controversy for the.

Several players were subsequently arrested, sent to the nearby Syrets concentration camp, and shot.The story that these products of memory told was relatively straight-forward: former members of Dynamo Kiev had joined FC Start, a team connected to a bakery, and began to win matches in occupied Kiev.


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The Match, Russia, 2012, Color, 117 minutes Director: Andrei Maliukov Screenplay: Timofei Sergeitsev, Igor Sosna, Dmitrii Zverkov, Ilia Neretin Producers: Ilia Neretin, Dmitrii Kulikov, Timofei Sergeitsev Music: Ivan Burliaev, Richard Horowitz Cinematography: Sergei Mikhalchuk Cast: Sergei Bezrukov, Elizaveta Boiarskaia, Eduard Bezrodnyi, Ekaterina Klimova, Dirk Martens.For the time being, Ukrainian audiences and critics will have to continue to get their cinematic history lessons from their neighbor.The film opens with Ranevich and his Dynamo teammates winning a local match in June 1941.”