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new translation (posted by one user) needs to be reviewed by several other users to keep up the quality of the vocabulary. Comments and labels/tags harmonized All additional information

previously tagged within round brackets will from now on be specified within square brackets, making it possible to distinguish keywords from additional information. I continually receive mails containing improvement suggestions and feature requests for. Due to the multitude of different Android devices (screen size, processor power, storage size) it's impossible to test all of them, so I need your feedback to solve any issues before submitting the app to the Android Market. To prepare for the future upgrade to other languages I changed most of the services to Unicode lately. I will spend the next days watching the process, fixing problems and answering questions. You can choose to display only verified entries after clicking on the link "Options" located below the input field. Is five years young today! Flattr integration There's a new idea for supporting web services like, called "Social Micropayment". That's why I'm asking everyone who is willing to contribute some time to give it a try - even without signing up! Yi Noeller ve mutlu yllar! The last comment is displayed to the recording user directly before recording the next entry. More than 10,000 voice recordings! The smartphone app now includes speech output! Please before buying the free version of the test application ( " " ). The dictionary has not been available from 10am to 1pm today due to a connectivity problem of my hosting provider. Here dict ccc it is: Most requested English/German translations : Contribution system updated: Sorting capabilities and two more columns added (user information, number of corrections additional information available on mouse over at certain spots, other (minor) changes. Testing a new advertising network: : When requesting one-word translations the dictionary now automatically detects if the term is in English or German and sorts dict ccc the list accordingly. Next language pair to leave beta: French-German! Looking forward to your feedback! While I was travelling there were several server problems. The fields can be selected via the My Account page. Thanks to Duncan Large! This dictionary now contains more than 160.000 verified English/German translations.

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Enthält Übersetzungen von der TU Chemnitz sowie aus Mr Honey's Business Dictionary (Englisch/Deutsch).Links auf dieses Wörterbuch oder einzelne Übersetzungen sind herzlich willkommen!Online-Wörterbuch Russisch-Deutsch: Begriff hier eingeben!

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Has moved to a new main server this weekend. Thereapos, wildcard Search, language expansion, too 000 voice recordings, is calculated by a new algorithm the voting score data is included and the contested user rating system is dropped from now. First day with more than, a 64bit processor e mail ssl verschlüsselung AMD 3400 2 GB RAM and new operating system and software versions ensure that the site is able to handle further traffic increases. News are available as RSS feed from now. An improved detail page replaces the old answer page and lets you see the other answers. A voting accuracy of 90 instead of 92 increases the voting power by one. Thereapos, voting Powe" added new possibilities to navigate within the forum 5 million page views, s an introduction text and better instructions within each function.

A user managed to bypass the user rating system and to vote for his own translation suggestions by registering several times (using different user names).  » more information : Contribute: The Voting Accuracy number required to achieve the maximum Voting Power (VP5) has been raised to 98 (rounded to integral numbers, so it really starts.5).Especially useful for words with completely different meanings in German and English.


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Unfortunately I can't add all of them, otherwise the menu would grow too large.An often requested feature is now ready to use: From now on it's possible for registered users to check the status of their input and their modification proposals.Examples: (fig.) - fig., (Br.) -.Paul : Translations within the search results pages are now linked to the compact view of their retranslations.”