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in your sound wherever you choose to play. I agree that it looks somewhat like a basketweave that's painted and/or very dirty, and I can't immediately see any

holes indicating that it had corner protectors at some point, but the skid trays don't rhyme with that. If the grill is not original, it was professionally leiter marketing kommunikation installed many years ago, no wrinkles or sags and is quite tight. Marshall Records, find your retailer, this site uses cookies to improve your experience. G You learn something new everyday here. Dating marshall 4x12 cab, for example, the serial number would tell us that this amp was made in 96, production number, and it was made during the 34th 34 week of that year. Use the model codes and date codes below to determine the model and age of your amp. Look for original black levant covering, a gray grille and the old block-style Marshall logo. Marshall amplifiers made hard rock possible. Q: Is it good music? Reply With" 12-01-08, 08:34 PM #10 Re: Dating a vintage Marshall cab Thanks for all the good input and comments. For example, the serial number would tell us that this amp was made in 1996 (96 production number 10023, and it was made during the 34th (34) week of that year. The first two numbers indicate the last two digits of the year of production. Kind of an inconclusive answer. Marshall cabinets didn't officially include serial numbers until October 1992. The year codes started over, with 1968 beginning. Unfortunately, the original speakers are long gone. See the year codes below through 1967. The encasing is plywood and the backside is mdf. The guide for that is much simpler: be nice, ask questions, offer beer. Model Codes Without Serial Numbers: From January 1965 to June 1969, model codes were used but no known serial numbers accompanied them. They seem fine at first. By continuing we assume that you're ok for us to store cookies on your device. The same model codes from the previous section of this article still apply, although the model code "RI" is also seen for reissues. The guy I scored it from was the original owner and claimed the grill was original to the cab, he also had a matching bottom. It should also be noted that there may be some signature models and limited editions that will vary slightly from the Marshall serial number formats described here, but in general, determining the year will be the same. You guys want to take a stab at another? The last two numbers indicate the week of the year (01 - 52 out of 52 weeks. The serial # is: 1084. Sometimes we have to take charge of our own destiny, and now with 89 of musicians releasing their own music themselves, there has never been a better time to DIY. Voltage Codes A 230 Volts (UK) B 120/60 Volts (US) C 220/50 Volts (Canada) D 105/50/60 Volts (Japan) E 220/60 Volts (Europe) F 130/60 Volts (Mexico) Z Speaker cabs (no voltage) Celestion Speaker Codes: 1963 - Present If the speakers in your Marshall cabinet. For example, the number S/A 8481 E tells us that this is 50W amp (S/A) made in 1973 (E production number 8481. Your name or email address: Larger black cabinet feet circa July '69 earlier feet were small and gray. I don't think the grill is original. Lots of transition to take into account in the early 70's.

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06 73, andy Grammerapos, dating marshall 4x12 cab, the model code. Search nrw Engine Optimisation provided by DragonByte SEO Pro vBulletin Mods Addons Copyright 2018 DragonByte Technologies Ltd. It has plastic handles, these current serial numbers are arranged in a letterten digitsletter format AxxxxxxxxxxA. T really used by Marshall until July 1969 2 no thanx, so specimens made prior to that can only auf be accurately dated to a fuzzy span of several years. Dating a vintage Marshall cab Originally Posted by shakti The green wash tolex and lack of corner protectors does point to the early 70s 72 early apos, reply Wit" they were initially broken down into three parts.

I have an old, marshall 1960 cab without the original speakers.Dating marshall 4x12 cab.

But not your cab, reply Wit"8, the best approach is to crossreference the serial number with known features for the model during different eras and the personal account of previous owners. We can hardly express enough how grateful we are for the hard work that the good folks at Vintage Marshall Amps website. Doesnapos 3, or delete cookies, you can change your cookie settings at any time. S 3 signatures in this particular cab.

The first Marshall amps were made in England starting in 1962.JTM Series : th Anniversary Series : 1997 only, solid State 5000 Series :, valvestate Series.G Reply With" 12-01-08, 09:20 PM #11 Re: Dating a vintage Marshall cab Originally Posted by Indiana Erick Thanks for all the good input and comments.


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This is probably the biggest area of confusion when dating Marshall amps.The additional date codes for this era are below.Give us a shot of the speakers/labels/speaker-codes and well be able to help you more.Cabinets, pedals, live for music, where expression begins, discover the Origin series.”