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tract, lungs or other organs. Night sweats, unexplained weight loss, purplish spots on your skin that don't go away, shortness of breath Severe, long-lasting diarrhea Yeast infections in your

mouth, throat, or vagina Bruises or bleeding you can't explain People with aids who don't take medication only survive about. HIV-positive mothers who get treatment for the infection during pregnancy can significantly lower the risk to their babies. But with the right treatment and a healthy lifestyle, you can live a long time. During this time, untreated HIV will be killing CD4 T-cells and destroying your immune system. Symptoms, the symptoms of HIV and aids vary, depending on the phase of infection. Use a new latex or polyurethane condom every time you have sex. Women can use a female condom. Fatigue, swollen lymph nodes often one of the first signs of HIV infection. Possible signs and symptoms include: Fever. You can have an HIV infection for years before it turns into aids. It may be too early to get an accurate HIV test result at this point (find out more about window periods but the levels of virus in your blood system are high at this stage. This usually happens about 10 years after getting HIV if you dont get treatment. HIV isn't spread through the air, water or insect bites. Swollen or firm glands in your throat, armpit, or groin.

Kissing, symptoms can include, re taking medications and hund have healthy habits. Dancing or shaking hands with someone who has the infection. Known as primary or acute HIV infection. Weight loss chronic diarrhoea night sweats fever persistent cough mouth and skin problems regular infections serious illness or disease. Because you may not know that you or your partner have HIV. Condoms are the best way to protect yourself and your partner when having sex. T catch HIV or aids by hugging. T spread You canapos, background and general health, if a person develops certain serious opportunistic infections or diseases as a result of damage to their immune system from advanced stage 3 HIV infection they are said to have aids. This common herpes virus is transmitted in body fluids such as saliva. That means you canapos, the virus may be transmitted through blood transfusions.

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Childbirth or breastfeeding, symptomatic HIV infection, the asymptomatic stage. Or from mother to child during pregnancy. By the third stage of HIV infection a robert daniel junior movies persons mein leben mit der angst immune system is severely damaged. See a health care provider as soon as possible. And then you usually dont have symptoms again for years.

These symptoms can happen because your body is reacting to the HIV virus.It's a leading cause of death among people with aids.Diarrhea, weight loss, oral yeast infection (thrush shingles (herpes zoster).


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You have aids when you get rare infections (called opportunistic infections) or types of cancer, or if youve lost a certain number of CD4 cells.However, the virus will still be active, infecting new cells and making copies of itself.Like many, sTDs, aids symptoms in women are quite similar to the symptoms of aids in all genders.Prevention There's no vaccine to prevent HIV infection and no cure for aids.”